#1 No central theme/brand to YouTube channel
#2 Infrequent video uploads
#3 Attracting the wrong audiences

Desired Results

  • Create consistent videos about projects
  • Start building library of project videos
  • Enjoy creating videos
  • Simplify the process of creating videos

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Film one day per week. Create 3 videos on that day and schedule for the upcoming week.

Create videos around the project structure.

Video Creation Option 1

  • Do video overviews of projects
  • Do timeline updates of projects

Video Creation Option 2

  • Create scripts (or outlines)
    • If using script and video, move script to Google Docs, then transfer to iPad teleprompter
  • Shoot video
    • Use plain background, not green screen
  • Edit in Camtasia
    • Add intro
    • Change camera angles every 20-30 seconds
    • Fade between transitions
    • Add any relevant images
  • Upload to YouTube
    • Create descriptions and titles
    • Design thumbnail in Canva 1280×720

To do: roles, trailer, picture, channel art


Week 1 + 2 ( Sept 28 – Oct 11)

  • On Sept 28, channel stats: 1506 subscribers, 137,318 total video views
  • Finished 9 videos and scheduled: speaking on camera only, speaking off camera
  • Bought seamless background paper for video background
  • Tested creating audio only videos. I found these easier to do and enjoyed them more. I also found the videos got me thinking about things I need to do on each project.

Week 3 + ( Oct 12 – current)

  • Videos created: Growth Project, Fitness Project, Project Structure

Mental Game

Philosophy:  Video creates personal connections

Motivation: Create an audio recording that lists benefits to building YouTube channel. Listen to 3x per week

Fallback Plan

  • Decrease videos per week to 2
  • Decrease videos per week to 1

Benefits to a YouTube Channel

  • Free source of traffic. YouTube is second largest search engine.
  • Builds relationships in a unique way. People can see me on video which can help people to get to know who I really am. There is a closer personal connection.
  • Get feedback from people who are interested in my content
  • Videos can be used on my website
  • Free place to store my video content
  • SEO ranking: Google owns YouTube
  • YouTube shares videos via search, suggested videos and browse features
  • Great analytics data on how people responded to a video

The Circle + 80/20

  • Equipment: lighting, RE20 mic, DBX pre-amb, Scarlett Solo USB, Vixia HF G30, teleprompter
  • Experience: video editing, script writing, advertising, speaking, The Food Project, The Growth Project
  • Software: Camtasia, Canva
  • Channel: 1518 subscribers
  • Video Assets: intro, 100ish videos uploaded, ActiveCampaign Courses
  • Subscriptions: VideoBlocks, StockPhotoSecrets
  • Keywords: Camtasia, Unbounce, Shopify, convertplug, omad, Facebook, Activecampaign
  • Top Videos: Camtasia, Adwords Instream vs Discovery, FB Conversion with GTM, Convertplug, Shopify, Add GA to Unbounce
  • Definite Results: review other people’s YT channels, create new videos on keywords already working for me, consistent video production, running ads (subscribers)
  • Possible Results: Multi-part videos, high investment videos, software walk through

Outside Circle

  • More reviews: choose an angle to do them from – marketing, system, simplicity, etc..
  • Website Project: Ideal WordPress Theme, Landing Page Design in WP
  • YouTube Project: give away first part of AC course
  • Practice Project: live practice session
  • All: review other people’s plans to get ideas and to create videos. YouTube, Websites, Practice, Food, etc..
  • Test spending $5 to promote every second YT video