#1 Content is unfocused
#2 Site is unproductive
#3 Traffic is low

Desired Results

  • Site is focused
  • Enjoy working on the site
  • Make site valuable for myself and others
  • Content focused tightly

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Monday: update timelines | simplify | improve copy | analyse analytics |


Week 1 + ( Oct 3 – current)

  • Sept stats: 186 total sessions, 54 organic sessions
  • Prune site content: 301 Redirect all blog posts to home page
  • Move project posts to project pages
  • Removed blog from site
  • Fixed problem with contact form
  • Created project structure
  • Created image structure
  • Optimized home page images. Reduced size by 125 kb.
  • Added client project and growth project.
  • Added brief intro to home page
  • Upgraded theme from X theme to Pro theme
  • Started using Pro Editor

Mental Game

Philosophy: website must be simple. So I can easily understand the site in my own mind.

Motivation: audio talking about  importance of simplicity, alignment and focus

Fallback Plan

Could happen: become too busy to update site often

The Circle + 80/20

  • Experience: WordPress, traffic, SEO, writing, Youtube Project, Food Project
  • Equipment: desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Nikon D3300, HF G30
  • Software: Canva, WordPress, Camtasia, Pro Theme
  • Subscriptions: VideoBlocks, StockPhotoSecrets
  • Other: experimarketing, client’s websites
  • Keywords: none
  • Site assets: projects, project structure

Outside Circle

  • Write 100 word project summary at beginning of each project for SEO
  • Collect emails for people who want to stay updated on current projects. Go into more depth about some projects. Explain what is going on.


  1. Project Structure
    1. Problems
    2. Assets
    3. Desired Results
    4. Day-to-Day Maintenance
    5. Timeline
    6. Mental game: motivation, philosophy
    7. Fallback plan
    8. Behind-the-Scenes
  2. Site Structure
    1. Home page intro
    2. Project Pages
    3. Contact page
  3. Project page checklist
    1. Write project title
    2. Write project description
    3. Add 2 internal links
  4. Speed
    2. Check images
  5. Images
    1. Homepage
      1. Size: 464×261
      2. Font: Vast Shadow
      3. Text Colour: White
      4. Upload to site, run webpage test and image test, download best format