How Moroccan Marketers Can Benefit from Tourism


There are more than ten million International visitors to Morocco every year. This is an incredible number of people who are all arriving to spend money.

This means that there are a lot of business opportunities for hard-working people out there.

As a marketer, your job is to help connect those visitors with local businesses.

Let me give you a little business idea you may be able to use.  Maybe you can use it exactly how it is, or maybe it will help you think of a different business idea you can use.  By the way, this applies to people everywhere, not only people in Morocco.

The Business Idea

Here is the business idea: Start offering Facebook Advertising services to companies that sell to tourists.  

Obviously, you need to have a sales presentation in order to get your first client.  Your presentation would go like this:

Hi Mr Tourist Company, if I could set up a way that you could advertise only to tourists who are visiting the country, would you be interested in that service?  

You won’t be wasting money on people who already live here, so you will get better performance from your advertisements.  

You could present this offer to restaurants, hotels, adventure tour companies, and car rental companies.  

It is an easy presentation to make.  You don’t need to think a lot about it.  Just go out and ask a couple of companies, even if you don’t know much about Facebook advertising yet.

If a couple people say they are interested, then you can learn Facebook advertising and return to them when you know how to set it up. Then you can get the contract at that point.  

It is more important to first find out if you can sell the service. And just so you know it isn’t difficult, I will show you how you would set up the ads.

So, let’s imagine that you go out this evening and talk to a French restaurant that is in a touristy area. They say, of course they would like your service.  Next you need to learn how to create Facebook ads.

Creating Facebook Ads

Here is how easy it is to start creating ads. In Facebook’s ad manager you will create a new campaign. Then on the next page you choose your city. Let’s choose Marrakesh.  Then you choose the option to only include people who are visiting this city.  

Your first ad will be very simple.  You create that on the next page. It is a French Restaurant, so we will simply use the name of the restaurant in our ad. Let’s call it Pierre’s Paris.

We need a simple description, so we will say, “Mouth-watering French food made by native Parisians. Book your table now.”

Pierre’s Paris is a local gem.  Travelers and locals alike crowd in during evenings and weekends to share the authentic French food.  Classic recipes, classic food. We’ll add a tasty-looking picture with some French food.

There we have it. You have created an ad that will only reach people who are visiting the city. Now, you just need a customer.  

Remember, you only need one “yes” to start your business. Get out there and ask a couple businesses.  What is the worst that could happen?  They could say, “no thanks, I don’t think I can use that.”  There is no harm done.  

Ask a business and see what happens. Just see if people are interested.  Then, if you find some people that are interested, you have found yourself a business idea!