The goal of the Digital Salesman Project is to find business owners who want to experience growth in their business. Then do Joint Ventures where my company gets a split of the profits it generates.

Current step:

  • Write out benefits/features (done)
  • Write out various appeals (done)
  • Choose most powerful mass desire (done)
  • Put it into a headline + Create offer

Next Steps

  • Design landing page
  • Start ads
  • Create negotiation/sales script + audio
  • Use feedback from initial inquiries to improve
  • Repeat


  1. Need to choose mass desire, appeals,  and create an offer
  2. Need to create a sample proposal

Problems dealt with:

  1. Need a system for building offers
  2. Motivational audio created
  3. Choose library of books to read/re-read

Desired Results (Adjusted)

  1. Good system which is easy to work within and enjoyable work
  2. High learning curve and growth curve
  3. Results are generated which people want

Mental Game:

Audio: Use Eugene Schwartz audio + create a negotiation audio


  • Income is determined by results produced
  • Freedom to work on areas I think are most important
  • Freedom to create tests and learn


  1. Ways to improve a business:
    1. Employee Direct Marketing
    2. Improve conversion rates on website: mobile, desktop, tablet, browsers, gender
    3. New marketing processes/systems
    4. Push product to new markets
    5. Referral generation
    6. Automations
    7. Split tests (themes, emails, ads, copy, appeals, web design)
    8. Advertise (re-marketing, direct marketing, Facebook, Adwords)
    9. Re-packaging, new packages
    10. Create new teams, new positions, outsource work
    11. Training: technical, leadership, on-boarding
    12. Reduce costs – re-allocate budget, close unproductive agreements, financial analysis

Agreement Outline:

  • Client approves a list of activities my company can work on
  • My company owns intellectual property
  • Advertising is done on my company’s accounts
  • In the event client wants to leave agreement, they pay out the projected future value of the work which was done if it was left running.

Process Steps:

Step 1: Build relationship
Step 2: Learn about business through research.
Step 3: Create an agreement for working together
Step 4: Begin work

Customer profile:

  • Business Owner
  • Currently generating revenue and profits within their business
  • Can handle growth
  • Greater success does not overwhelm the business owner with too much work. They must have a team.

Use as examples:

  • Bought websites and improved them
    • $250 to 19k improvement a month
    • One of the first ones I quadrupled the income in a short time
  • Improved client’s website 30-day traffic from 265 to 8,331 sessions = 33x growth
  • How the client was brought into sales pipeline
  • 10,541 leads in 12 days
  • 17,340,044 page views to my sites

Possible ways to explain my company’s work:

  • Digital Optimizer
  • Growth Expert