After Producing 23,217,500+ Words of Content For Different Websites.

I’ve Discovered What It Takes To Build A Website Curated For Your Small Business Needs

Specifically Built for Small Businesses.
Particularly, Businesses That Are NOT Heavily Engaged in E-Commerce.
Businesses Using A Website To Generate Leads And Support Your Sales Process.

If you feel your business deserves a better looking website

A website that best represents you and your business…

Something that would impress your customers while potentially increasing your sales…

But you just don’t have the time or expertise to build a website.

Maybe you even tried to build one before but weren’t able to finish it.

Now, you’re stuck. And you don’t want to go through all that trouble again.

I know how you feel. And this is exactly why I would like to help you!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jordan Arsenault and I am going to share my own personal experiences with building websites – from a small business owner’s point of view.

And as a small business owner, I can relate to the struggles you may have faced when it comes to website building.

I also know too well that feeling of getting stuck and not knowing what to do next.

Many times business owners like us get lost in the process because we underestimate the expertise required to make a good quality site.

We also underestimate the planning necessary to make the website work for the business.

So when a problem presents itself, we don’t know how to fix it and end up feeling overwhelmed.

For this reason, many business owners end up with unfinished websites… unable to move forward.

On other occasions, business owners might already have finished websites, but it may not really align with their business needs.

Website building is like Building a House…


Imagine you’re building a house…

You may have a picture in your mind, but your vision for the house will never be fully realized until you find an architect who can design it for you and a structural engineer who knows the requirements necessary to build it.

Much of the same process happens when a business owner has specific designs and functions in mind for a website. But in this case, you need a designer, coder, and a marketing strategist.

A good web developer would know how to put all of these components together and build your website in such a way that it serves the vision of your business.

Do you want a traditional website? Or something more modern-looking? Maybe a specific style to better communicate your product or brand?

The specifics are fleshed out to help you decide which design and functionality you need to help reach your business goals.

Are you selling a product or a service? Are you promoting a book? Or do you provide pricing quotes for construction or real estate?

Whatever it is, the information presented on your website should be properly engineered to help your customers make a decision and act on it.

Whether this means they should click a button, fill out a form, or select a date, the message should be clear enough so they know what to do.

There are a lot of factors to consider so the website can fully function well to support your business.

But you won’t know what’s possible until you have an expert guiding you through the web development process.

And better, an expert who understands the specifics of what you need.

Let me tell you my story…

A Small Business Owner’s Journey Into Website Development

I’ve been working on websites for a number of years now.

I started by buying two of them. Then I continued to purchase one every couple of months.

Initially, my intent was to make money by leveraging digital assets.

So I bought these websites specifically because I wanted to understand how they make money.

From blogs, sales funnels, and business pages, I tediously studied each website’s internal structure and framework.

I wanted to see how different designs and structured content affect website traffic.

I began to realize there are a lot of contributing factors to help a business reach its goals, and even reach its sales target, if done correctly.

And since I obtained a wide variety of sites, I learned valuable secrets from behind-the-scenes operations.

It became apparent that each website needed to be managed and developed differently.

For some, it was necessary to have consistent tech support. While others needed a team of content writers. A few of them needed design updates and a strategic marketing plan to create lead generators.

The best sites required all these combined… and more.

And dealing with all the different factors and contexts, I learned to manage and adapt in certain situations.

I put together tech teams. Hired copywriters. Worked with designers and coders. And I even learned a little bit of coding myself to customize the sites to my liking.

While developing these websites, I learned to implement a step-by-step process to increase their ability to create revenue.

In fact, one of them increased by 320+%!

Then after continuing to apply this development process, I finally reached a ceiling and couldn’t improve these websites any further.

The sites were capped at a certain point in terms of revenue which limited me from adding more value.

So up to this point, I’ve only been buying websites and developing them.

And after encountering the limitations of these pre-built sites, I realized it was actually cheaper to create websites from scratch.

So I started creating websites from the ground-up.

I focused on how to develop the sites to a point where I could replicate the money-making aspects just like with the ones I purchased.

Only this time, I wouldn’t be limited by the site’s restrictions. Because I can fully customize them to exactly what I need them to do.

Some worked. Some didn’t. It was all part of the learning curve.

I took coding more seriously and learned the different programming languages – PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

After fully grasping the fundamentals, it was much easier to plan, design, code, and build these sites.

Now, here’s what I’ve discovered…

It’s NOT just about building a good looking website. It’s about how WELL it represents the business. And how it helps you reach your business GOALS.

Your website is like your front yard in the virtual world. It takes some sort of “curb appeal” for a visitor to enter, click, and consider what you have to offer.

This all comes back to how you market your business.

A website can have all the right information on it, but it still may not really communicate what your business is about. For example, take a look at this website I redesigned for a client.

The front page doesn’t clearly present what the company is about. The content lacks the clarity about what kind of staffing they provide. First time visitors need to click several links before they get the right information.

Now look at this one…

This is the redesign of the same website. By updating their design and adjusting their content, you get a clearer picture of who they are and what they do. The site is easier to navigate. The background immediately gives you a feel of what kind of staffing they provide. You’ll also find an immediately noticeable “call-to-action” button in the middle of the page (request a quote). This gives customers the chance to connect with them right away.

When you scroll down just a little bit, you now get to see the focus of the company. Previously, you wouldn’t quite know who their staffing is for. Now, you know they provide staffing for the nursing and manufacturing industries. As opposed to the previous version, now it’s spelled out right at the front page.

You can bet nobody will fill in the quote on the previous version of the page. The visitor doesn’t have the critical information necessary to even know if the company serves their industry.

But in the redesign, the “request for quote” button will most likely be clicked because of the information surrounding it and how it’s positioned. By making these critical adjustments, and providing a clear “call-to-action”, customer engagement and accessibility can increase drastically.

As I continued my journey in building websites, I frequently encountered these minor issues:

    • A website might not be correctly formatted for viewing on other devices…
    • It takes a while for the page to load…
    • Images formatted incorrectly…
    • Website security is not set up properly…
    • Some had multiple personality-disorder… different fonts… incoherent content… mismatched colors…

And if you don’t pay careful attention to these minor problems, it can cause you to lose some of your audience and some potential customers.

And here are some of the MAJOR PROBLEMS I faced…

NOT giving clear opportunities for visitors to take action.

To meet your business goals, generally, you need visitors to DO something on your website.

Whether it is to call you, fill out an application, request a quote, or read your complete marketing message.

This action should connect with the way your company generates revenue. Ideally, it should help you to get in front of more customers, serve them better, and build your business.

This proves out in all the testing I did. I consistently noticed a change in user behavior just by repositioning the placement of the ads or call-to-action sections on the page.

NOT professionally maintained and developed.

Many business owners would try to build a website themselves without any professional help.

Though web builders have made it easy to choose and test web design templates, they are only helpful in choosing a general design.

The problem is that you are trying to apply a generic solution to unique business needs, so you end up with generic results.

A professional looks at your unique business needs and develops the exact solution you need. This results in a website that acts like another employee of your business. Working day in and day out to help you, in terms of marketing, sales support, and even administrative work.

You need a website that is built specifically for your business needs, so it can grow with your business rather than hold you back from growth.

So business owners would end up with sites that don’t look as good as when a professional puts it together.

And worse, the site won’t have the functions to fulfill their specific business goals.

A website’s technical framework is NOT functioning properly.

Whether it’s technical support for a sales system, acquiring potential leads, or managing CRM, I’ve encountered websites where these features don’t function properly.

Emails are not taken properly. Quotes aren’t received. Schedules aren’t placed correctly into Google Sheets.

There are times when even an actual sale is not properly recorded.

When left unfixed, this damages the customer experience, frustrates your team, and causes you to lose sales.

I was surprised to see these major problems on a lot of websites.

And these are NOT EVEN HALF of the problems I’ve faced…

By going through the process of buying, building, and developing websites, I learned how to solve a lot of these problems.

And by applying what I learned….

The websites I built from scratch ended up making MORE REVENUE than the ones I previously bought, managed, and developed.

I created an income stream from the websites that I built. And I was satisfied just doing this.

Over time, other small business owners started to notice.

And then some started asking me to do their web development projects.

I started with a small project… done.

Took another client… and done.

Then after having done a variety of projects, more people wanted to get their websites done too.

After all, every small business needs a website, so there are a ton of them out there to do.

Some websites were half-built. Others were too cluttered. Many of them didn’t work when viewed on mobile devices.

Most problems were too technical and they didn’t know how to work around it.

While others had marketing problems with their sites that needed to be solved by implementing a marketing plan or sales system.

There were some sites that were almost done but they lacked the expertise to finish it completely.

Generally, people were NOT happy with certain aspects of their site and they just needed someone to fix it.

And these people were mostly small business owners just like me.

Not managers or employees, but actual owners of their own businesses.

Because I used to be in their position, I understood what they were looking for.

They didn’t know how to code. Nor did they have a clear understanding of the degree of work involved in building a fully functioning website.

So many of them were left with sites that didn’t work or were incomplete.

Now, they just wanted their site done without wasting their time and energy.

It’s been a nagging ache for too long that they just wanted someone to fix it.

I was glad to offer my help…

Drawing from my own experience, I started every project by asking a simple set of questions.

Question you may want to consider yourself…

    • What’s the purpose of the website in relation to your business?
    • Do you have a sales team? If so, how are they using your website?
    • How are you driving traffic? Are you advertising? Or posting on social media?
    • Do you have any subscribers? If yes, how many? How do you connect with them through the site?
    • Who are your frequent visitors? Are they customers also? Who are you targeting specifically?
    • Are there any business functions built into the site? An automated messaging system? A sales system?
    • Will an improved website increase your revenue?

Once the business issues are identified, only then can we move onto the technical solutions. Because the site should be structured differently depending on the answers to each question.

If it is a sales issue, I would present solutions to increase traffic or generate leads. If there is a human resources (time) problem, I would present technical solutions to reduce the man hours for certain tasks – whether it is creating quotes or following up to gather testimonials. If there is a customer service issue, I would help to create functions which would support the customer experience.

As satisfied clients began to increase, I also started taking bigger projects.

And bigger projects meant more design, more coding, and more content.

This also meant I got to work with bigger tech teams, more copywriters, bloggers, and designers.

“And I just want to give a shout out to Jordan because what he does is 100% A1. “

Trevor King, TKE Media

“Absolutely thrilled to have the first opportunity to work with Jordan and I look forward to working with him on more projects. I will recommend him in a heartbeat. “

Peter Oladimeji

“I have never hired anybody in the same capacity that I have hired Jordan. So, what I realized about Jordan is that he is naturally good at a lot of things that I just don’t have the time to spend on. “

Mark Corney

One of the biggest projects I worked with established a huge content system for the site. With proper planning and collaboration with the teams, we were able to reach a monthly content production level of 2,700,000+ words.

After working with a number of similar projects, I oversaw the production of approximately 153,000+ pages in total spread out across different websites.

Taking into account the number of sites I’ve worked with, here’s what I’ve learned more than anything…

A website has to connect with the business owner’s vision for the business.

Every business owner has a vision for their business. Or at least they know where the business is going.

But sometimes they can’t articulate this vision…or how it connects with a website.

Here’s where I come through for my clients.

My job is to draw out their vision for the business
…then help the client define the specific goals for the website to align with the vision…
…and finally CONNECT the website functions to their business goals.

And this CONNECTION can only happen during…

high quality face-to-face meetings.

When a solution is spelled-out live in front of a client, they begin to connect the dots and are able to see what works for them and what doesn’t.

They suddenly have a plan for what they’ve envisioned for so long but just weren’t able to articulate it.

So you see…

I DON’T provide generic solutions to specific problems.


My service is NOT just about making good-looking websites.

It’s about building a curated website that matches specifically with a client’s business goals.

You Now Have The Same Opportunity…

Leverage Everything I Learned And FINALLY Start Building The Website Your Business Deserves!

You DON'T HAVE TO STAY STUCK with the website you're unhappy with.
You can FINALLY MOVE FORWARD and begin the process of building a site that suits your business.

…by simply scheduling a ZOOM CALL with me!

I’m offering you the same service I gave my clients.

Here’s what will happen on the call…

We will engage in a high value, face-to-face “business call”…

We’ll talk about what your business is about and what problems you’re currently facing.

Then, I will guide you into any of these specific areas where your website can improve in terms of meeting your business goals.

How to evaluate your website (if you have any) as it currently stands…
How to start building a website with a concrete plan attuned to the needs of your business.
How to organize content per page, putting the right information in the right places.
How to use your website to build revenue.
How you can increase revenue in the next 6 months with your website as a support.
How your website can reduce the time-frame to complete marketing or customer service-related tasks.
How to automate your sales process through your website.
How to use your website to generate leads.
How to optimize visitor engagement by redesigning certain aspects of your site.

There is NO COST to this call!


Fill out the form below with your details and pick your best date and time to do the call.

One final note…

I won’t be doing this for long.

I’m always busy, and I work on a ton of projects.

Soon, I may decide to delegate these live consultation calls to an account manager.

So, if you want to chat and work with me personally, now is a good time to do it.

And to make the call more interesting, here are 3 more “Bonuses”


Evaluation BONUS #1

I will do a LIVE BREAKDOWN of your own website!

Here I will give a live evaluation of your current website. I will give you practical advice and suggestions where you can improve and make the site serve your business better.

Design BONUS #2

I will do a LIVE REVIEW of three businesses that are solving specific business problems with their website.

One that solves a customer service problem. Another that solves a content problem. And lastly, one that solves a marketing problem.

This is so you can see how businesses built websites that contribute to their bottom line.

Marketing BONUS #3

I will help you GET STARTED ON a Marketing Automation System for your business.

Once your website is set up properly, the next step for almost all small businesses is to set up a marketing automation system. This includes setting up automatic email marketing, tracking your clients, and setting up automatic processes.

So not only do you get live help on your business website…

You get three extra bonuses!

Like I said, this is a truly limited-time offer.

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