Project Results

The goal of this project was to align video production around the idea of projects. There were about 10 videos produced during this project. All of them were around the topic of projects. A 4 hour course was released on YouTube and links back to website were added on all existing videos.

The project brought back a focus on producing and editing videos. New paper backdrops were ordered for filming. A categorization system for B roll video footage was created.

Things learned:

  • A video categorization system could make it easier to tell stories with footage
  • Insert cuts every 20 – 30 seconds to break up a talking head video
  • Can create an experiment/practice schedule

Future Project:

  • Get every video up to 500 views right away
  • Create B roll footage with me in it
  • Focus videos topics on search terms


#1 Video creation isn’t consistent
#2 Videos aren’t focused on a topic

Desired Results

  • Create highest quality videos
  • Create consistent videos which bring in business people
  • Build a library
  • Enjoy creating videos
  • Nail down a high quality video building process

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Focus on preparing videos.


Week 1 + 2 ( Sept 28 – Oct 11)

  • On Sept 28, channel stats: 1506 subscribers, 137,318 total video views
  • Finished 9 videos and scheduled: speaking on camera only, speaking off camera
  • Bought seamless background paper for video background
  • Tested creating audio only videos. I found these easier to do and enjoyed them more. I also found the videos got me thinking about things I need to do on each project.

Week 3 – 5 ( Oct 12 – Oct 28)

  • Videos created: Growth Project, Fitness Project, Project Structure, Client Project: Currency Trader,
  • Released ActiveCampaign 4 hr course
  • Oct 28, channel stats: 1527(+21) subscribers, 140,449(+3131) total video views.  Went through old videos and added links to my website.

Mental Game

Philosophy:  A video’s purpose is to bring hope.

Motivation: This is a powerful opportunity generator.

Fallback Plan

Benefits to a YouTube Channel

  • Source of traffic. YouTube is second largest search engine
  • Builds more personal connections relationships
  • Get feedback
  • Free place to store my video content
  • SEO ranking: Google owns YouTube
  • YouTube shares videos via search, suggested videos and browse features
  • Great analytics data on how people reacted to a video

The Circle + 80/20

  • Equipment: lighting, RE20 mic, DBX pre-amb, Scarlett Solo USB, Vixia HF G30, teleprompter
  • Experience: video editing, script writing, advertising, speaking, The Food Project, The Growth Project
  • Software: Camtasia, Canva
  • Channel: 1518 subscribers
  • Video Assets: intro, 100ish videos uploaded, ActiveCampaign Courses
  • Subscriptions: VideoBlocks, StockPhotoSecrets, Pixabay (free)
  • Keywords: Camtasia, Unbounce, Shopify, convertplug, omad, Facebook, Activecampaign
  • Top Videos: Camtasia, Adwords Instream vs Discovery, FB Conversion with GTM, Convertplug, Shopify, Add GA to Unbounce
  • Definite Results: review other people’s YT channels, create videos on successful keywords, consistent video production, running ads, business ideas
  • Possible Results: Multi-part videos, high investment videos, software walk through


Practice Schedule

  • Practice removing filler words (restart every time I use: so, like, that, basically, actually) (current)
  • Use past, present, future
  • Add emotion to events
  • Pre-frame discussion
  • Problem, vision, process
  • Add urgency: why this is urgent now
  • Take on a different role/voice