Project Results

This project was beneficial initially. It is an interesting way to approach problems. The issue is that it was taking me off track with my main work.

I need to build the principles of practice into my daily work, instead of doing practice as a separate task.

The principles of practice are:

  • Do everything to the best of your ability. This helps to build the correct pathways in your brain.
  • When stuck, limit the variables to make the situation more difficult.
  • There should be a stretching to improve


#1 Thinking can stagnate
#2 Skill stagnate on automatic pilot

Desired Results

  • Improve skill sets constantly over the years
  • Break through performance barriers
  • Maximize value of each project
  • Explore innovative ideas for each project

Day-to-Day Maintenance

  • Run practice exercises with each project.
  • Design new practice exercises as needed.
  • Use practice ideas listed in Behind-the-Scenes when I have free time


Week 1 + (Oct 19 – current)

  • Day 1: Features. 15 minutes per section is a good. Came up with lots of ideas. Difficulty: 2-4. Value: 8. Stretching: 8.
  • Day 2: Benefits. Most stretching today was benefits for core market. I got some interesting results and pushed the boundaries/ruts in my thinking. Another thing which I notice happens is ideas pop into my head while working on the practice. Difficulty: 6. Value: 8. Stretching: 8. (Should repeat this exercise)
  • Day 3: Implications. I was tired and not feeling great before and during today’s exercise. And it was still hugely beneficial. This practice is one of the most important things I am doing with my time right now. Difficulty: 7. Value: 9. Stretching: 8. (Definitely repeat this one)
  • Day 4: Objections. I was tired today too, felt like a chore to do it. This one brought me into some interesting thought territory. I wouldn’t have gotten to the same place by approaching my work in a standard way. It seems like for certain sections the practice is valuable, but others not valuable. And it is different each day. Difficulty 7.5. Value 8. Stretching 8.
  • Day 5: Strategic Objectives: Today’s practice helped to develop some strategy. It was not tactical work. It was setting the stage for tactics to be added in where needed. Again, today I developed some new ideas. Difficulty: 8. Value: 7. Stretching: 8.
  • Day 6: Stories: Today’s practice was good to get some ideas out. Difficulty 7.5. Value 7. Stretching 6. I also finished editing practice information from previous days which took quite a while. Turned edited information into an audio so I can use those ideas as my new baseline.
  • Day 7: Stories (other people’s): I did 20 minutes of this, but didn’t get anywhere with it. Difficulty 10. Value 1. Stretching 1. Do not repeat.
  • Oct 27, 2017. Reformatted practice around existing projects. Changed Problems & Desired Results.
  • Nov 1, 2017. Practice is now done within projects.  It has been most useful with the Food Project so far. I also realized I need to commit to practicing one area for longer than a day. The reason for this is simply so I don’t have to think about it. I know what it is I am practicing for fitness, for example. Also, my initial ideas of what needs to be practiced is sometimes wrong or useless.

Mental Game

Philosophy: Myelin makes perfect


Practice is a way to break through barriers and train my mind.

Remember the dip. There is usually a dip in a project.

The brain is plastic. It re-wires itself based on use.

Limit my options. It causes me to practice a narrow band and improve a new area.

Fallback Plan

Choose just 3 things to practice with all projects. Example: perfect rep, speed, quality

The Circle + 80/20

  • Books:  Little book of Talent, Peak, Library of nonfiction, fiction, Audiobooks
  • Equipment: desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, desk, paper, pen, white board
  • Experience: copy writing, ad writing
  • Chunks concept, 14 Day Schedule
  • Definite Results: consistent practice, creating schedule in advance
  • Definite non-results: practicing things which aren’t projects
  • Testing: client practice, my project practice, project practice schedules

Outside Circle

  • Practice chunks with YT videos
  • Practice chunks with interviews
  • Create audios based on chunks. Very specific focus for each audio.
  • Get clients to practice 15 min chunks


Practice is chunking down and stretching

Rate value and difficulty of each type of training.

Focus 80-100% on writing and thinking. Limit research.

Practice quality is important, because I am building myelin in my brain. Don’t practice mistakes. One of the goals is to eliminate errors. Deliberate practice means I must be encountering errors. Thought: deliberate practice in an organization means I must be encountering errors, otherwise the organization isn’t growing. It is stagnating.

If practice is done on automatic pilot, then there is no new growth.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.”