This client wants to start a maternity home for teenage mothers. There are increased risks that come with teenage pregnancy. For instance, only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by the time they are 22. This cycle can also continue with the children of teenage mothers. This client wants to provide a home which is focused on building these women up so they can succeed in everything they do.
Teenage mothers face a variety of challenges. There are often financial challenges, difficulties in finishing their education, and increases in general health risks.
Provide a stable and secure environment for teen mothers to adjust to their new responsibilities. To help them finish their schooling, get counselling, and learn life skill.
If a woman doesn't fit a certain criteria, there is no place for them to stay in our city. For example, if you aren't fleeing an abusive situation or seeking addiction help there is no place to sleep in the city.
A fully funded women's shelter which provides a safe and warm place for homeless women to sleep at night.
Getting the funding for the home and the house parents. Finding volunteers to help with tutoring, counselling, and life skills.
The finances will all have to come from private donations, corporate donations, or donations from other charities.
Human resources. Money for a building. Zoning requirements. Money to run the shelter.
Corporate donations. Private donations. Government funding. Fundraising. Using Google Ad Grant to raise funds.

Created a list of 30 supporting beliefs they need for this project to be successful.

Client is getting involved in existing community: volunteering. 

  1. Get messaging
  2. Get Team
  3. Get Building

The team must meet regularly to maintain motivation. And build a second-tier team to help with tasks, so leadership team doesn't burn out. 

  1. Get donor commitment
  2. Register nonprofit and apply for charity status
  3. Begin fundraising for building

March 13, 2018 - I have already been working with this client for a while in a group setting and a couple times one-on-on. She wanted a little more focused help, so we started a project for her.

Main Points Accomplished:

  • Went to Houston to conference for how to run maternity homes
  • Started volunteering in existing community
  • Created a presentation: defined the problem, solution, impacts

Immediate To do:

  • Write 30 supporting beliefs client needs to have for project
  • Write activities and purposes
    • Will be used in charity application and on brochures/website
  • Write headline ideas and bullet points 
    • Will be used on brochures/website

To do:

  • Apply for charity status
  • Get Messaging
    • Do a Video Interview
    • Create brochures and website
    • Speech outline (main points)
    • Volunteer needs defined
    • Transition plan as teen moms leave the home
    • How are the men helped/mentored?
    • Messaging for:
      • Women, family, boyfriends

Farther out:

  • Apply for foster parent status - by the home parents
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