This project was for a media company which released a 7-episode docu-series.  They have previously released a documentary movie which did well, so they are following up with a longer series.

The business model works like this:

  • People sign up for free, limited-time access to the docu-series
  • The signups go to the mailing list
  • After the free period closes, there is an option to purchase the docu-series

My part in this was to drive as many people to sign up for the docu-series as possible. This client and I have worked together on the previous documentary and on a number of other projects.

Final Results for initial campaign: 5,526 Signups at $0.87 USD each in 14 days
Final Results for main campaign:


#1 Generate maximum number of leads from Facebook Advertising
#2 Test if advertising through affiliate accounts is more profitable (Update: was not more profitable)

Desired Results

  • Email list growth
  • Product sales

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Drive traffic to client’s special offer.


Part 1 (Oct 31 – December, 2017)

  • Oct 31 – Gathered existing website copy for project
  • Various times: Skype calls, emails, research, prep
  • Nov 16 – Reviewed past campaigns
  • Nov 18 – Copied some research to a new note file to start writing ads
  • Nov 20 – Writing ads, uploading them to starter campaign. Sent pixel details to client’s web manager to upload to site.
  • Nov 21 – Writing ads, uploading to starter campaign.
  • Nov 22 – Writing ads, testing links
  • Nov 23 – Creating targeting, building ad sets and audiences
  • Nov 24 – More targeting, ad sets, and audiences. Launch campaign.
  • Nov 25 – Total Leads to date: 434 leads. $1.26 USD lead cost to date. Checking ad performance. Making adjustments to campaign.
  • Nov 26 – Total Leads to date: 937 leads. $1.17 USD lead cost to date.  Tracking individual ad performance over various ad sets. Making campaign adjustments.
  • Nov 27 – Total Leads to date: 1375 leads. $1.16 USD lead cost to date.  Reallocating budget, adjusting campaign.
  • Nov 28 – Total Leads to date: 1680 leads.Reallocating budget, adjusting campaign. New ad set for engaged on client page. Testing out some ad set tweaking strategies.
  • Nov 29 – Dec 10 – Project Finished up on the 10th. Main promotion was for first 14 days. After that, it was re-targeting existing signups for sales.

Part 2 (Jan 2018 – February 2018)

  • Jan 26 – Ready to launch later today.
  • Jan 27 – Total Leads (for new campaign) to date: 1,878 leads. $1.09 USD lead cost to date.
  • Jan 28  – Total Leads (for new campaign) to date: 3,237 leads. $1.08 USD lead cost to date.

Fallback Plan

If affiliate spending isn’t working, reduce spend in that area.

  • Affiliate spending wasn’t as profitable as normal spending.

The Circle

  • Previous ad campaigns
  • Facebook pages, website
  • Video content, website copy, website images
  • Access to experts in field
  • Video skills, goodwill in market
  • Affiliate ad accounts and pages